Sunday, May 6, 2012

124 days later

So after 124 days at the hospital, the day finally came for me to meet my sister Allison. That's right, Chrissy and Eddie brought her home on Saturday May 5th. and here was the introduction...

Of course there were some pictures of her trip leaving the hospital but most importantly the doctors feel she is doing pretty good. She did have to come home with her feeding tube and Eddie and Chrissy had to learn how to insert and remove that as well as supplement her feeds with it. Also had to learn to mix and administer her different medications but they were more than willing to learn to bring her home. They are spending this week just getting back into a normal routine (as a friend pointed out, only they would consider bringing their first newborn home to be getting a normal routine but trust me when I say it will be)

Car seat test at hospital the day before

Dressed in her Husky gear to come home in 

Mommy loading her into the car for their first ride together as a family

Made it home at last

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