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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Letter for 2014

Oh its been so long since I've posted anything. I've been keeping my paws busy and the family have been doing things too. Let's get you all up to date. The year started off with Allison's 2nd birthday party.

Later on after the Seahawks took home their first Super Bowl win, Eddie and Chrissy joined a couple of people downtown to congratulate the team.

They even took a weekend trip to the mountains for a little snow fun.

As winter changed to spring we celebrated Grandpa Boppie's 70'th Birthday with a surprise get together at Emerald Downs for some horse racing.

By Easter, Allison was old enough to do some real egg hunting...

... and later that month Eddie and Chrissy celebrated her 40th birthday with a quick weekend in Las Vegas with some friends. This included a trip to the Greenroom at the Tropicana after seeing my bud Adam Ray perform that night.

We took our annual trip across the mountains to Lake Chelan for some summer fun in the sun

Eddie and Chrissy traveled south a bit to Olympia for a friend's wedding where they were in charge of the Wedding Donut Cake. They followed it up with a day at Bumbershoot (thats them in the bottom left corner)

Then it was time to start some Husky Football and tailgating. Allison even got in on it a bit (thats the view from our seats)

Then we made it to the holidays for pumpkin farms, trick or treating and birthday get togethers with the grandma's

Which brings us to now. I will leave you with Allison's school and Santa pictures...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our little girl turned two

I said I would post more this year and while it isn't timely, it is a start.  I find myself sleeping more and being more wary when out and about in the house because my sister Allison is getting faster on her feet. It's keeping me on my paws as she is constantly screaming my name and running after me whenever we lock eyes. But she does occasionally give me treats,even if she sometimes puts one in her own mouth if I don't eat it quick enough (ok so it only happened once but still...they're my treats!)

Anyway the new year got started off with Allison's second birthday, where we had some family and a few close friends over to share some snacks and birthday cake.


The following weekend Eddie and Chrissy took Allison out for a quick photo shoot before the big Seahawks 49'ers game. She must have known the outcome in advance because she was in a pretty good mood for them all.