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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hard times for Allison

So not real good news to post. We were informed on Tuesday afternoon that Allison had some complications. She was scheduled that day to go have a test to check her thyroid. The doctors had already told us her thyroid wasn't producing the hormones it should. This was not much of a surprise since thyroid problems run in the family, including both her parents.

However after the test they noticed Allison was in some discomfort and started to examine her. They came to the conclusion she has Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC):

They started a treatment to take care of her which over the last 24 hrs looks like it is working. However this morning the doctors called to say she is having breathing issues due to the NEC so they had to intubate her again. She is breathing easier now. Her blood tests show she has a low white cell count and overall low blood count so she is getting medicine for that as well as a blood transfusion. This was not an out-of-the-blue scenario but its definitely a couple steps back for her. Thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers are all welcome and we will keep you all updated as things change.

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