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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Allison's setback

It was time for a new post and there have been some updates that have not been so good. As mentioned before, Allison's GERD was causing some issues and there were different paths it could take. Well, they ended up making a decision which had some consequences. They moved her feeding tube past her stomach and into her small intestines. This will keep her from bringing food back up and give her a chance to rest her stomach and esophagus which was causing her pain. The consequence is that she will stay like this for her feedings for the next two weeks with a minimum of a week after for observation. So she is in the hospital for the long haul.

A side problem came up in just the last day or so. Unfortunately some of the milk she brought back up had bacteria from her stomach in it which then got into her lungs. She acquired an infection in her lungs and the x-rays are showing some haziness. They don't know exactly what kind of infection but she is being treated with anti-biotics. So now she has her breathing tube back and an I-V reinserted. We are just looking forward to the day she can come home...

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