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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day of Firsts

So my sister Allison had quite the interesting day on Saturday. I know I said it was a day of Firsts, but the day before was a day of Seconds, as in she turned 2 months old last Friday. On Saturday Eddie and Chrissy went to the hospital to make sure we got the next series of pictures with her teddy bear so we can see how she has grown.

Here is last months pic...

So that day Allison got her mom and dad to visit along with her mammy who was so excited to get to see her outside her isolette for the first time. She was even there long enough to get to hold her a little.

Later that night she got another first. While her mom stayed to watch her, Eddie went out to get dinner for them both. When he returned with the food the police were at all the entrances and wouldn't let anyone but employees go in. They wouldn't say what the problem was but when Eddie called Chrissy, a nurse told her someone had called in a bomb threat to the hospital. This was a first for all of them. After about 40 mins outside they finally let everyone back in but it was a bit scary.

But the night ended well with Allison's first bath. She was definitely not too sure what to think of the whole experience but once she was dried off and back in her PJs under her bundles of blankets, everything was good.

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