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Monday, April 2, 2012

3 months old today!

It was definitely time for an update and what better day than Allison's 3 month birthday. Chrissy and Eddie spent last Saturday at the hospital with Allison and it was a good day. Just as they arrived, it was time for her cares. This is the time the nurses spend checking her temp, changing her, giving her meds, etc. When they got there they were told she was going to be extubated and moved back to her little nose cannulas. Once that was done Eddie and Chrissy were able to take her out of her bed and hold her for the first time since before the surgery.

The doctors and nurses are very happy with her progress. They are not seeing any signs of problems so far and have even started giving her small amounts of milk for feeding along with her usual IV fluids and lipids. Everyone wants to know how much she weighs now but because of all the fluids she has retained and now is loosing, its not very accurate. Suffice it to say, she is doing well. So below are some pictures from Saturday but first are some pics from today. It is Allison's 3 month birthday so we need to show how she is with her teddy bear compared with her previous months.
April 2nd

 March 2nd

Feb 2nd

You might notice that she no longer has her nose cannulas either. Today they took her off all oxygen and she seems to be doing just fine. The only thing on her now that is not a monitor or sensor is a feeding tube. Once she moves to milk feedings she will get the bulk of them through the tube as they work her toward nipples. That will be the final milestone as long as there are no other complications. Once they think she is past any problems from the surgery and she is on full feeds from the bottle or breast, Eddie and Chrissy can take her home. We will keep you posted on that progress.

After surgery and retaining fluids...she's kinda puffy

Mommy holding for first time after surgery

Happy to not have tube in my throat 

 No more oxygen tubes AND I got my teddy. Life is good
Mommy bottle feeding for first time ever...

 ...and first time burping

So happy...both the girls!


  1. Thank you for continuing to update us on your growing baby girl. The pictures are wonderful and I love seeing the three of you soooo happy. Prayers continue- glad to see so many triumphs. Love you-

  2. I just wanna squeeze those sweet cheeks! I have GOT to get in to see her and you all!!!