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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Sweet Evergreen

So Eddie and Chrissy were so excited this weekend. Earlier this week there had been talk that Allison might need another surgery. She has been resistant to nipple for her feeds so they have to supplement them through a tube in her nose (NG Tube). This has been her final obstacle to come home. However they were reluctant to send her home with us if she still needed the NG tube. However there is another tube for feeding called a G Tube that would have to be surgically inserted into her stomach through her belly. If they went that route she would have to have had it done at Swedish.

On Friday the doctors made the decision that they didn't want her to have the G tube and felt she was progressing enough to avoid it. So they moved her back to Evergreen Hospital Saturday morning. This is so much easier for Eddie and Chrissy to visit her and spend more time with her than in rush hour traffic. She seems to be doing really well and getting better at her feeds. She is also just shy of 7 lbs now. Here are a couple pics of them with her this weekend.

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