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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow days

Eddie and Chrissy have been home with me the past 5 days. Seems like they are going a little stir crazy, especially with Allison still at the hospital and them unable to leave.

I didn't bug them too much, just a nuzzle here and there, as long as they remembered to feed me. They did dig their way out today to go to the hospital and I got some of the pics and even a video. (Which is good cause I am out of kitty litter, YUK!) Allison is up to just over 2 lbs now. Nurses all say she is doing great and she is such a little angel to take care of. Here is hoping that continues once she comes home **crosses paws**

Eddie holding Allison for the first time

She got a hat (need to find a Husky one)

Eddie's wedding ring around her arm

(My daughter is a Trekkie I guess)

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